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Education has got a new meaning in today’s technology based world. Achievement of the students is now assessed in different ways and assignment writing is a crucial part of it. Online portals help and guide students to write extraordinary assignments.

The world is big, bigger than one can even imagine, yet globalisation has shrunk into a small knowledge pool. From this pool knowledge can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Computer and internet has given a new meaning to the education. Now it is not confined simply to books and note books. One can get the knowledge about the entire universe through internet. The need is simply to click the mouse and the information available like a magic in front of one’s eyes.

Teaching has got a new meaning. It is now not only related to the teacher and the taught; and passing the examination. Gone are the days when people used to skim the books and cram the answers to get good marks. Rather education has now become a means to evolve critical and rational thinking. To assess the level of achievement of the students practical as well as theoretical examination are conducted from time to time. The students are often also asked to write assignments, dissertations and thesis. They are also sometimes required to give presentation based on these

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